Amazonite Tower
Amazonite Tower

Amazonite Tower

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With your purchase, you will receive one intuitively chosen Amazonite tower. The color, flash, and size may vary slightly, but the piece you receive will resemble one of the towers pictured.

Metaphysical Properties:

One of the best crystals for manifestation, Amazonite is also nicknamed the "hope stone." Amazonite is a blue-green crystals and is connected to the heart and throat chakra. It's a great crystal for tapping into your heart's truth, and resolving conflict. It encourages you to stay true to yourself, while also being in harmony with others.

Zodiac: Virgo (just a suggestion, any zodiac can have/work with any crystal/mineral)

More about the crystal:

Amazonite is a potassium feldspar and is of the variety Microcline. It forms in short, tabular masses. Due to the formation, Amazonite is a fairly soft stone with a beautiful luster. Amazonite has been found in Russia, Madagascar, Brazil and the U.S. (Colorado), and other places around the world. These towers are from Brazil.