Rainbow Fluorite  Tower (FTEE)
Rainbow Fluorite  Tower (FTEE)
Rainbow Fluorite  Tower (FTEE)
Rainbow Fluorite  Tower (FTEE)

Rainbow Fluorite Tower (FTEE)

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0.3 pounds (lbs)

3 1/4 inches tall    1 inches wide

Metaphysical Properties:

Fluorite is great for focus, concentration, inspiration, and clarity. It's a great crystal to keep in your work or study space. Fluorite can also help with protection and spiritual detoxification. It can help transform the negative energy in a space to positive energy, promoting a peace of mind. 


Capricorn & Pisces 


More about the crystal:

Fluorite is the mineral form is calcium fluoride, and is included in the halide mineral group. Fluorite forms most commonly in a cubic formation, but can also form in a octahedral or isometric formations. Fluorite is a fairly soft material, with a 4 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Fluorite is found all over the world from China to Mexico to the United States. Some of the most famous and sought after fluorite comes from particular mines in England and China. This fluorite tower is from China. Fluorite is a popular material due to it’s wonderful variety. Fluorite can be blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, and clear. In it’s purest form, Fluorite is clear, which is why pieces with more clarity have a higher value.