Druzy Malachite Egg
Druzy Malachite Egg
Druzy Malachite Egg
Druzy Malachite Egg

Druzy Malachite Egg

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You will receive the exact piece pictured here. This piece is polished on all slides, but one part of the bottom of the egg was left raw. You can some sparkly stalactite formation at the unpolished section. This egg will come with an acrylic stand for display. 


1.04 pounds 



Metaphysical Properties: 

Malachite is a very powerful stone to work with. It amplifies the energies of the intentions you are putting into the crystal. For example, if you want to manifest a relationship, malachite will amplify those intentions, especially as paired with other crystals that also have that intention. 
For amplifying love and relationships, try pairing Malachite with rose quartz, pink tourmaline, rhodonite, morganite, Kunzite, Flower Agate, etc.

To amplify the intention of manifesting career opportunities or abundance, try pairing Malachite with Citrine, pyrite, Tigers eye, green aventurine, Amazonite, clear quartz, etc.

Malachite has been described as being a powerful stone of transformation. It has been said that it has as much power as moldavite. The big difference between the two metaphysically is that malachite is more grounding, while moldavite is more chaotic.