XL Amazonite Bowl (1.7 lbs)

XL Amazonite Bowl (1.7 lbs)

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You will receive the exact piece pictured here. The bowl has a great green color throughout, with flash coming through from various angles. 


1.71 lbs

Metaphysical Properties:

One of the best crystals for manifestation, Amazonite is also nicknamed the "hope stone." Amazonite is a blue-green crystals and is connected to the heart and throat chakra. It's a great crystal for tapping into your heart's truth, and resolving conflict. It encourages you to stay true to yourself, while also being in harmony with others.

Zodiac: Virgo (just a suggestion, any zodiac can have/work with any crystal/mineral)

More about the crystal:

Amazonite is a potassium feldspar and is of the variety Microcline. It forms in short, tabular masses. Due to the formation, Amazonite is a fairly soft stone with a beautiful luster. Amazonite has been found in Russia, Madagascar, Brazil and the U.S. (Colorado), and other places around the world. These towers are from Brazil.