$25 Mystery Box

$25 Mystery Box

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I intuitively choose $25 worth of crystals for you! You receive more than $25 worth of crystals! 

Please select if you would prefer mostly smaller crystals or mostly larger crystals. Mostly smaller crystals can be tumbles, raw pieces, small carvings, small towers/spheres. Mostly larger crystals could also include those with some larger pieces! 

You can leave a note for us at checkout with any guidance. Examples:

  •  “I got a new job recently and would love a box of crystals to assist with my new workplace.” 
  • “I would like some crystals to assist with inner child healing.” 
  • “I’m not a fan of heart-shaped carvings, so please avoid that in my box.” 
  • “I’m on a self-love journey and would enjoy some crystals that celebrate that journey.”
  • ”I am manifesting abundance and would like to work with some crystals that amplify those intentions.”